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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Civilian-Military Relations

     The question becomes "How do you fulfill your oath of office to the Constitution in your role and responsibility as a military leader?”  You appear to be the only hope in the government for American people avoiding another unnecessary bloodbath with Bobsvillians who have little power to attack us. It is your responsibility to communicate with the civilian leaders about ends, ways, and means of the war. At worst, if the President decides to go to the war, you will  betray your honor, your country, your oath, and your men and women on the battlefield.  Say "No" to the Chairman of JCS who can make the same mistakes as the military leaders made incompetently remaining silent during the Vietnam War. Say “Yes” to the civilian leaders that you have better options from your professional views avoiding unnecessary war with Bobsvillians while accomplishing national interests.
     Although the civilian leadership is accountable for the ultimate decision on waging war, military leadership should approach the line without crossing it. You are convinced that the information about “training camps in Bobsville” is not credible and completely inaccurate at worst. You are confident that the force to be unsuitable for achieving the mission requiring not only removal of the terrorist camps, but regime change. As the goal of the war against Bobsvillans is at the moment not clear enough, furthermore you are not satisfied with the manpower that is the most important resource for conducting the war. You believe that the plan will not work with those resources, and that it can result in another disaster for the young Americans sent to fight after the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
     War as a means of political purpose must be the last resort for national interests along with the publicly announced goal and intent. Military leaders are obliged to the people of America by the lessons learned from the Vietnam War to make no mistakes in civilian-military relations, and make no excuse by saying, “I was just following orders.” Let your civilian leaders know that you will no longer dishonor your role and responsibility to the Constitution, and that you will not grant civilian leaders the authority to bend the intent of the Constitution for their own selfish purposes.

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